Ai Cure Technologies adherence solutions registered with FDA under 510K Class 1 Exempt status

(New York, NY) – December 12, 2012 – Ai Cure’s suite of solutions, including AiView®, AiView-SLTM and AiBreatheTM, has been registered with the FDA as a 510K class 1 exempt device. The patented facial recognition solutions allow for the monitoring and intervention with patients taking prescription medications in either tablet, sublingual or inhaler form. Patients in clinical trials and broader population health environments can be monitored to be sure they are properly taking their medication as prescribed. Healthcare resources can be efficiently applied to follow up with non-adherent patients. The class 1 exempt registration status allows the solution to be widely distributed to large numbers of patients without the need to distribute customized hardware. Ai Cure has been developing and providing scalable medication adherence solutions since 2009. With additional solutions being developed and deployed, Ai Cure’s platform promises to allow for cost effective medication adherence monitoring across large patient populations.