AiCure is awarded twentieth patent for artificial intelligence platform

 US patent 9,486,720, titled “Method and Apparatus for Monitoring Medication Adherence”
New York, Nov. 8, 2016 — AiCure, a clinically-validated artificial intelligence company that visually confirms medication ingestion on smartphones, has been awarded its twentieth patent. The patent enables AiCure’s proprietary visual user feedback mechanism and its unique real-time interactive method for visual recognition of medication to be administered by a patient. US patent 9,486,720, titled “Method and Apparatus for Monitoring Medication Adherence”, was issued on November 8, 2016 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and ensures usability of the AiCure platform for patients of all ages across multiple therapeutic areas. This newly awarded patent, as well as others in the AiCure portfolio, protects the platform in its ability to automatically monitor and ensure correct medication ingestion by patients without the need for human review or synchronous interaction with the patient by a study coordinator or healthcare provider.
AiCure has been pursuing an aggressive development and protection program for its critical intellectual property assets since 2009. With 20 US and global patents issued, over 50 pending applications, these critically important assets are at the forefront for AiCure.