Peace of mind for continuity of your clinical trials with remote enablement

COVID-19 is changing the way the industry thinks about preserving clinical trials while ensuring patient safety. AiCure enables continuity by providing remote and direct patient communication and engagement, ensuring assessments, adherence, virtual registration, training and payments – all while maintaining data quality.

Continue Treatment

Patients can safely continue their treatment, with real-time support and guidance.

Provide Care

Sites can continue to provide care and stay closely connected to their patients with a trusted provider of direct site and patient communication for a decade.

Monitor Trial Health

Study teams can effectively monitor trial health, with real-time and accurate data.

AiCure – Uniquely positioned to support trial continuity

AiCure has proven real-world experience and has been deployed in over 60 studies and remote participant onboarding, electronic diaries and ePRO is widely used. Furthermore, AiCure uses barcode scanning when a drug is shipped to participants’ homes for supply chain continuity.

With an established global device provisioning network, embedded patient communication functionality with SMS, voice and video chat, and collaboration with central raters to enable recorded video calls, AiCure is uniquely positioned to support both ongoing and upcoming trials.

Confidently and safely address new regulatory demands for clinical research

Patients, sites and sponsors can be confident that AiCure is compliant with the highest global privacy standards and rigorous protocols for sensitive data access to protect PHI and audit trails.

Video Call on Cellphone

Virtual Registration & Training

Quick, web-based registration for simple application activation. Study-specific introduction videos to onboard patients with interactive tutorials to guide them through their first doses.

Medication Adherence

Confirm when medication is taken or missed, provide detailed dosing data to sites, enabling outreach with a human touch to the patients most in need, reducing drop-out.

Remote Assessment

Fully integrated electronic reported outcomes (ePRO) and audio-visual assessments to capture, track and analyze treatment response through traditional methods and digital biomarkers.

Patient Engagement

Keep patient engagement and compliance high with micro reimbursements and helpful reminders when it is time to dose, take an assessment or attend a remote visit.

AiCure Patient Connect™ (TeleHealth/Video)

Empowers sites to maintain their patient relationship via video chat in a HIPAA and GDPR compliant manner, while maintaining patient safety and privacy.