Listen to AiCure’s Laura Shafner WoW podcast from PharmaVoice

How many ways is AI is disrupting the industry pipeline?

We invite you to listen to this episode of WoW – the Woman of the Week podcast series from PharmaVoice. AiCure’s Laura Shafner shares her personal story with Taren Grom, Editor-In-Chief of PharmaVOICE magazine, around the role medicine and behavior play and talks tech about how artificial intelligence can uncover new ways of addressing drug development.

Topics covered include:

  • Her experience in the role of medicine and behavior
  • The early concept of AiCure
  • The current barriers we all need to overcome
  • The science and technologies behind the human response to illness and treatment 
  • Measuring the outcomes
  • The receptivity of the pharmaceutical and biotech industry to AI
  • Incentivizing more girls in the STEM movement
  • Defining success and “an equilibrium” for yourself


 “We can capture mountains of data, but is the data we’re capturing really relevant? Does it have direct clinical relevance? How do you clean it? How do you interpret it? And how do you translate it into use? Every day, there seems to be a new conference around the AI in healthcare or AI in pharma, AI in any industry. I think we’re now at the point where the real leap will be translating those insights and validating those insights into actual use. Once we are able to overcome that barrier, it will become very much mainstream.”

– Laura Shafner, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of AiCure

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