Patient Engagement

Made better with AI

AiCure developed the world’s first patient engagement AI, a comprehensive platform that extends the reach of your care team to support clinical trial participants at home.

Everything participants need, in one platform

Change the way you look at participant behavior

AiCure uses AI-powered computer vision, synchronous chat, and predictive analytics to observe and assist trial participants through their smartphone—revolutionizing access and participation, improving statistical power, and deepening our understanding of the relationship between patient behavior and trial outcomes.


Capture participant responses and configure response visibility for sites and/or sponsors/CROs as needed.

Adherence & Dosing

Adherence is more than just pill counts. Anticipate and manage it proactively to prevent dropouts.

Responsible AI

From the start, AiCure has integrated diversity into its patient engagement AI platform to eliminate bias.

What clinical teams are saying

Clinical teams are using AiCure to enhance and streamline their clinical research processes.

"Having worked with AiCure, they are probably the most advanced in facial recognition and mapping software and the algorithms underlying that to detect subtle clinical changes.”

Matthew Leoni, MD MBA, VP, Global Clinical Development at Cerevel Therapeutics

“The thing I’ve been focusing on is really using AiCure for, rather than a passive data collection tool, is to drive action.”

Sarah Titus, Director of Clinical Operations & Development at Sage Therapeutics

"We did see drop-out rates fall considerably and cut down by more than half. That for us is a big win."

Kyle Holen, MD, Head of Development Design Center at Abbvie

See what AiCure can do for your study


Make the trial experience better, for everyone

AiCure is designed to be a bridge between your patients and your clinical team. Our unique approach combines cutting-edge technology with extensive site expertise in one solution, making clinical trials more convenient and accessible for participants and more manageable and effective for clinical sites and study teams.

Built for every clinical trial

AiCure was designed to support a variety of studies for any kind of clinical trial—traditional site-based, decentralized, fully virtual, or hybrid models. Data collected using our platform can be used to support safety and efficacy endpoints while providing a comprehensive view of how therapy impacts participants.