AiCure Partnerships for Excellence (AiPEX™) AiPEX members are bringing unmatched value to sponsors in medication adherence and digital biomarkers

Higher Quality Data for Faster and Smarter Trials

AiPEX™ is a formal AiCure-CRO partnership, designed to provide higher quality data and robust insights for faster and smaller clinical trials. AiPEX™ partners gain a competitive advantage by leveraging AiCure’s platform of Medication Adherence and Predictive Insights, Digital Biomarkers, and ePRO products to understand safety and efficacy results better.

Development services

Explore new endpoints or more accurately select patients for enrollment through the development of novel and objective digital biomarker strategies to better understand patient behavior relative to treatment.

Holistic Data

Gain a comprehensive understanding of medication adherence and patient behavioral data for better safety and efficacy results.

Predictive Insights

Integrate AiCure’s unique adherence, patient behavior, and site performance data with other data sources (EDC, IWRS/IRT) to derive more powerful insights for study teams.

Innovation with Virtual/Hybrid Trial Enablement

Ability to offer remote patient engagement and monitoring while participating in cutting-edge innovation in clinical trials.


All aspects of the partnership and design of AiCure’s technology ensure patients can receive the highest quality of care and most seamless clinical trial experience through extensive usability studies of our fully integrated and easy-to-use platform

Site Services

AiCure's Site Services provides sites with end-to-end, customized support and monitoring of metrics related to adherence, compliance, data management, and technology use among study participants.