AiCure Platform Optimize Drug Development & Patient Care with AiCure

AiCure's Platform allows pharmaceutical and biotech companies to remotely collect and analyze objective, quantifiable physiological and behavioral data using digital biomarkers and predictive analytics.

  • Collect PHI through AiCure’s mobile application

  • Understand drug response and objectively quantify difficult-to-measure symptoms

  • Develop insights only available from direct visualization of patient experience

  • Tap into a larger data set to address questions of generalizability, diversity, and overall potential market impact

  • Leverage Predictive Analytics to identify risk and drive timely interventions

  • Support for integration of additional patient data sources, patient companion apps, and with clinical workflows and records

Key Platform Features

Long-term secure storage of protected health information (PHI) complies with HIPAA, GDPR, and 21CFR11 or for de-identified PHI

Access to templates and tools for model development, analytics and clinical annotation

Supplemental access to de-identified patient audio and video data for benchmarking

Support for integration of additional patient data sources, patient companion apps, and with clinical workflows and records​

Clinical Site Dashboard

The clinical site dashboard guides medication adherence interventions to help participants stay on track with dosing protocols.

View this demo to learn how study coordinators use the site dashboard for a comprehensive view of dosing history and direct outreach to patients needing support.

Click here to watch full length demo

Sponsor Dashboard

The sponsor dashboard provides all the capabilities of the site dashboard with additional views of medication adherence performance at the study, site, and participant levels.

In this demo, see how the sponsor dashboard helps identify issues and manage risk. The fully configurable dashboard offers valuable insight to improve study outcomes through data intelligence and predictive adherence analytics.

Click here to watch full length demo

Digital Biomarkers

Capture and analyze behavioral variables, including head, upper extremity and hand motions, acoustics and vocal production, speech content and facial expressivity.

Examples of digital biomarkers targeted by AiCure:

Head Movement

Facial Expressivity


Acoustics & Vocals

Hand Motion

AiCure’s currently available biomarkers by disease area include:

  • Major Depressive Disorder - Facial expressivity, speech/acoustics, rate of head movement

  • PTSD - Facial expressivity, movement, speech prosody, natural language content

  • Essential Tremor - Hand motion

  • Parkinson’s Disease - Facial tremor, mood, harmonics-to-noise ratio, rate of speech

  • Tardive Dyskinesia - Movement of face, lips, jaw and tongue

  • Schizophrenia - Head movement

Collaboration with clients is ongoing to establish new biomarkers.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics for fast data aggregation and exploration to develop, tune and deploy machine learning models in a regulatory compliant manner.

  • Helps sponsors understand how likely a patient is to adhere to their treatment plan or to drop out over the course of an entire study with high accuracy

  • Enhance site selection with tools for data teams to tune, deploy and monitor performance

  • Enables patient-centric interventions that provide personalized encouragement, focusing efforts on the patients most in need

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