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Clinical Site Dashboards

Supporting Site Coordinators

The AiCure Site Dashboard assists site coordinators by providing daily insights into participant behavior. This timely, actionable data allows sites to keep a trial on track while giving each participant a higher level of personalized care.

AiCure Site Dashboards Provide:

  • Vision into activities that occur between study visits

  • Predictive insights to take action when it matters

  • Accurate trial status reporting

  • Accurate and timely patient payment reporting for investigational sites

  • Timely alerts to targeted ePRO questionnaire responses

Leverage Data to Make a Difference

The AiCure Site Dashboard provides event-based notifications promptly alerting sites when specific action is required. The dashboard offers a comprehensive overview of patient dosing patterns and their responses to questionnaires, facilitating a holistic understanding of treatment progress.

Equipped with tools for effectively managing treatment plans, visit schedules, and contact details, the AiCure Site Dashboard helps healthcare professionals streamline patient care. The Site Dashboard also enables direct outreach to patients in need of support, ensuring timely assistance when necessary. All follow-up interventions are automatically documented, enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of patient care records.

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