For Clinical Trial Sites

AiCure Site Dashboard

AiCure Site Dashboard empowers site coordinators with the data and tools they need to optimize trial management, improve participant care, and ensure the success of clinical trials. This valuable tool offers daily insights into participant behavior, playing a crucial role in clinical trial efficiency.

AiCure Clinical Site Services

AiCure Clinical Site Services offers customized support and monitoring for clinical trial sites. AiCure clinical service leaders collaborate with study coordinators to address trial challenges, provide data-driven guidance, and enhance patient engagement.

AiCure Patient Connect Evolved from Legacy

Patient Connect is a mobile app used by participants for real-time dosing instructions that leverages computer vision to ensure medication adherence.

AiCure Legacy, the medication adherence software predating Patient Connect, is still in operation for studies initiated before December 2021. Patient Connect, introduced in December 2021, offers enhanced capabilities and greater convenience, speed, and flexibility.

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