Digital Phenotypes Audio & Visual Detection of Response to Treatment

Digital Biomarkers

What does patient behavior reveal about a disease and its potential treatment? Working with AiCure, you can identify and develop digital assessments that correlate specific behavioral variables—head and hand movement, speech, facial expressivity—with disease state and treatment response, unlocking new possibilities for precision medicine.

AiCure’s digital phenotype solution enables remote detection of subtle changes in a patient’s response to treatment between clinic visits by capturing audio and visual data. Through the AiCure Patient Connect mobile application, patients use their smartphone’s front-facing camera to answer simple questions or complete brief tasks. AiCure’s AI then analyzes their behavior, such as response time, physical movement and speech patterns. By frequently aggregating such sensitive, objective insights, AiCure empowers pharmaceutical companies to improve their understanding of participant experience in clinical trials, disease progression, and treatment response.

Pinpoint Sensitive, Subtle Patient Responses

Sponsors can capture audio and video data in an unobtrusive manner using technology patients already have, gaining unique insights into a participant’s true response to treatment.

  • Track a variety of metrics simultaneously, including facial expressivity, voice, speech, and movement, with minimal incremental participant burden

  • Provide participant insights to inform a site’s timely, personalized support tactics, and allow for any adjustments needed to a participant’s care plan

  • Combine these insights with more traditional assessments for participants to report their responses, providing a holistic picture of how a participant is doing

Provide Complete Data Privacy

AiCure’s platform captures objective observations of patients in their natural environment utilizing medical-grade, secure data capture and processing to ensure compliance with HIPAA and GDPR requirements.

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