Patient Connect Smartphone Application Supporting Personalized Care

Medication Adherence & Dosing Support

Patient Connect is a mobile app used by participants for real-time dosing instructions that leverages computer vision to ensure medication adherence.

With Patient Connect you can remotely assess how patients take their medication using their smartphone, computer vision and AI, while activating dosing support for all routes and methods of administration.

  • Reduce the risk of missing data, through support for tracking multiple treatments, including background medication, helping sites to decide when a patient may need support to stay on track with their treatment plan

  • Detect if a patient is purposefully not taking their medications, allowing sites to intervene before this behavior impacts a trial’s data

  • Train patients to successfully and safely dose, especially when asked to self-administer drugs in a manner that is new to them

Key Benefits of Using AiCure Patient Connect for Patient Engagement


  • Easy to use and engaging interface

  • Better patient experience

  • Protected Health Information security

  • Clear drug administration instructions including dosage and timing

  • Better treatment results


  • Improved medication adherence

  • Subjective measures of patient reactions difficult to pick up in a clinic

  • Clear communication of payment status

  • Reliable AI-driven data on symptoms and developments in patient population

  • Gives sites tools to proactively engage with participants, connecting & supporting based on AI/ML

  • Engagement data resolves unique challenges of administering Decentralized Clinical Trials

Patient Connect Platform Features

Adherence & Dosing Support​

Dosing support for all routes and types of administration (single, multi-medication, complex regimens requiring up & down titration), scalable from simple reminders to electronic directly observed therapy (DOT); Predictive Analytics for sites to drive timely adherence interventions​


Reimbursement for successful use of the application for doses and assessments

Electronic Patient Recorded Outcomes (ePRO)​​​

Configuration to capture electronic patient reported outcomes

Direct Communications

Site-enabled secure calls, SMS and video chats

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