Everyone responds differently to disease and treatment.

Main Model
We are working to understand how.

Our AI interacts
with patients

We believe that visual and audio data provide the most meaningful insights into patient health.

Our platform understands if treatments are working

By confirming and optimizing behavior, we are able to determine if the treatment is working.

Our data is used to
learn and compare

These data allow us to understand how drugs perform and how patients respond in clinical research and care.

A daily touchpoint with the patient

Everyday, IMA, an interactive medical assistant, engages with patients around the world.

IMA uses computer vision and neural networks to recognize the patient and gather clinically significant data sets.

How are you feeling today?

For access to richer data sets and
clinical insights, we created:

IMA (Interactive Medical Assistant)

Data Capture & Engagement


Data Warehouse

Computational Diagnostics

Clinical Analytics & Tools

Built into the science of drug development
Built into the science of treatment
Halving medical costs for payors.

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