The Right Dose for
the Right Patient

AiCure delivers a compliant, scalable AI platform to maximize the impact of data on clinical research and end-to-end operations, from pre-clinical to commercialization.

AiCure brings AI to the life sciences industry to guide data-driven decision-making for more meaningful clinical trials, optimized drug development, and improved business operations.


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Real-time access to patient data helps inform safety and efficacy results.

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Trial Flexibility

Support for remote and virtual trials.

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Create Better Analyses

Real-time patient data facilitates better decision-making.

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Accelerate Timelines

Real-time access to insights enables data-driven decisions.

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Improve Resource Allocation

Earlier decisions about study viability and resource allocations.

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Optimized Site Management

Maximize return on site-activation costs.

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AiCure Patient Connect™

AiCure Patient Connect™ is a suite of HIPAA and GDPR-compliant tools built within a mobile application to improve patient engagement, improve the relationship between the site and the patient, and achieve a deeper understanding of individual and population-wide disease symptomology for improved health and trial outcomes.

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AiCure Data Intelligence

AiCure Data Intelligence is a highly configurable data ingestion and visualization platform that offers sponsors real-time and predictive insights for advanced visibility into each trial’s and site’s performance, empowering data-driven decisions to mitigate potential issues while it still has an impact on the study outcome.

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Flexibility To Support All Trials From Traditional Site-based Trials To Decentralized or Virtual Trials

Data collected using AiCure’s secure, patient-facing application can support safety and efficacy endpoints and provide a comprehensive view of how therapy impacts patients. AiCure supports the entire spectrum of trials, from traditional site-based trials to site-less, decentralized or virtual trials.

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AI Platform

AiCure’s AI platform as a service (PaaS) that allows for the dynamic collection of disparate data sources to correlate previously unrelated endpoints and translate them into meaningful, actionable insights to be deployed at scale. Life sciences organizations may deploy the platform in a variety of ways to achieve a deeper understanding of the research parameters and business decisions that will optimize and accelerate the development of high-quality drugs.

Open DBM

OpenDBM is an open-source platform for the scientific community to access AiCure’s digital biomarker algorithms and apply them to their own data sets to measure patient behavior, encouraging research collaboration to drive innovation and improve understanding of disease symptomatology.

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