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The Patient-Centric eClinical Trials Management Platform

Enhancing Drug Development

AiCure's solutions will help ensure clinical trials achieve statistical power and capture clinically meaningful, objective data.

Gain advantages in drug development with:

  • AiCure Patient Connect - Improved medication adherence rates and patient engagement

  • AiCure Platform - More power to analyze and predict treatment response using digital biomarkers

  • AiCure Site Services - Reduced clinical tech burden so site personnel can increase focus on patients

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Transparent collaborations with industry and academia to sharpen insights into disease progression and patient behavior.

OpenDBM is an open-source platform for the scientific community to access AiCure’s digital biomarker algorithms and apply them to their own data sets to measure patient behavior, encouraging research collaboration to drive innovation and improve understanding of disease symptomatology.

Flexibility to Support Traditional, Decentralized or Hybrid Trials

Data collected using AiCure's secure, patient-facing application can support safety and efficacy endpoints and provide a comprehensive view of how therapy impacts patients. AiCure supports the entire spectrum of trials, from traditional site-based trials to decentralized, virtual trials, or hybrid trials.


AiCure customers are dedicated to elevating clinical research. We are grateful for their support and recognition.

"Having worked with AiCure, they are probably the most advanced in facial recognition and mapping software and the algorithms underlying that to detect subtle clinical changes.”

Matthew Leoni, MD MBA, VP, Global Clinical Development at Cerevel Therapeutics

“The thing I’ve been focusing on is really using AiCure for, rather than a passive data collection tool, is to drive action.”

Sarah Titus, Director of Clinical Operations & Development at Sage Therapeutics

"We did see drop-out rates fall considerably and cut down by more than half. That for us is a big win."

Kyle Holen, MD, Head of Development Design Center at Abbvie