AiCure is an AI and advanced data analytics company targeting the healthcare industry. Our proprietary intelligent software captures and understands video, audio, and behavioral data to establish the link between patients, disease and treatment.

Validated to be accurate and to modify behavior

Applications in drug development and population health

A patented artificial intelligence foundation

Developing new paradigms to understand treatment response.

Built on a foundation of interactive video and audio patient data

Accurate confirmation of medication ingestion

Validated against plasma blood levels

Behavior modification

20% - 60% improvements according to blood levels

Rich data fuels predictive insights

Over 1 Million behavioral interactions with IMA

Reduces medical costs for payors
Reduces trial failure for pharma companies
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In drug development, we are defining new methodologies and enrichment strategies

Clear value is essential in understanding the application of new technology. AiCure’s value is structured around four key pillars: data integrity; lower variability; predictive composite measures; and increases in statistical power. Incorporating these data pillars into study design allows for faster, smaller trials. AiCure is also demonstrating significant results by introducing new trial methodologies such as placebo lead-in periods, micro-reimbursements, and other approaches directly correlated with patient engagement and clinical endpoints.

For payors, we are reducing medical costs and waste

Medication adherence is one of the few parameters in healthcare that is directly linked to medical costs. AiCure has demonstrated significant savings for some of the largest payors and states by ensuring high-risk patient populations stay on therapy.

For science and the healthcare industry, we are developing novel clinical endpoints through computational diagnostics

AiCure is pioneering a new set of tools to help researchers and clinicians understand and predict how patients respond to treatment. Advances in artificial intelligence allow computers to capture physiological datapoints that characterize expressivity, psychomotor function, and cognition. Whether a patient has schizophrenia or congestive heart failure, the degree to which they are able to adhere and respond to treatment depends in great part on their mood, their ability to move and to concentrate. AiCure is leading a multi-stakeholder R&D effort with industry and academia to develop these transdiagnostic domains and novel sensitive endpoints.

AiCure News

November 1, 2018

5 Q’s for Adam Hanina, CEO of AiCure

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December 14, 2017

AiCure Named to the 2018 AI 100, Highlighting Advancements in Artificial Intelligence for Patient Monitoring

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November 17, 2017

AiCure's Series B Expands Core AI Clinical Research AND Population Health Services

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April 6, 2017

Stroke patients use artificial intelligence to ensure full therapeutic benefit

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December 2, 2016

AiCure wins Best Technological Development in Clinical Trials Award – Patient-focused at The 12th Annual Scrip Awards.

  The Scrip Awards acknowledge and commend the pharmaceutical sector’s stand-out performers across all areas of the…

November 30, 2016

AiCure's Artificial Intelligence Platform Wins 2016 Scrip Award

Using artificial intelligence to optimize patient behavior…

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