30 Min Best Practices Webinar: Accurately Capture Remote Patient Symptoms

Traditional in-person clinical symptom assessments in trials can be burdensome for patients and expensive for trial sponsors. These measures are limited by rater subjectivity and variability, limited frequency, and how accurately the participant’s clinical presentation at the site represents their true day-to-day functioning. AiCure eliminates these blind spots by tracking digital biomarkers and creating more frequent check-ins that take place in the comfort of a patient’s home, providing more accurate patient data.

Join Isaac Galatzer-Levy PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, on Tuesday, May 19th at 12pm EST, to learn how:

  • Sponsors can access real-time patient data to collect better data for better insights.
  • Sites can continue to provide care, with the ability to stay closely connected to patients and monitor them in their own homes.
  • Patients can stay on track with medication and be safely monitored.  

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