AiCure Launches New Data Dashboards to Improve Visibility into Patient Behavior and Site Performance

December 8th, 2020

As a single, aggregated view of actionable insights and analytics, AiCure Data Intelligence empowers sponsors to make data-driven decisions and create more meaningful trials

New York, N.Y. AiCure, an AI and advanced data analytics company focused on improving clinical trials, today introduced AiCure Data Intelligence, its next-generation data dashboard to empower sponsors with advanced visibility into each trial’s progress via a single, holistic data hub. Aggregating insights captured by AiCure’s proprietary AI platform, the dashboards enable quick assessments of trial and site performance, patient dosing and symptoms, intervention success rates and more – all of which feed advanced predictive analytics and inform proactive, data-driven decisions. AiCure Data Intelligence is designed with deep configurability capabilities to offer sponsors the flexibility to examine specific data views depending on need. Through improved capture and visualization of actionable patient and site insights, Aicure aims to create more meaningful, complete trials.

Enhancing Trials Transparency Through Complete Data Capture

In recent years, the pharmaceutical industry has experienced an increasing wealth of patient data, most of which is not presented to sponsors and sites in a digestible, actionable fashion. Furthermore, study coordinators have seen their workload and responsibilities increase dramatically in the past several years. In 2012, the average site coordinator managed seven trials and 80 patients alone, a responsibility that is growing by 7% each year1. As studies grow in complexity and sites oversee an increasing number of patients in need of support, the need for holistic, meaningful and accurate data capture has never been more evident.

Through AiCure Data Intelligence, sponsors can visualize accurate, real-time data in a customized view to make key decisions for a trial’s operations and a site’s management. The solution’s benefits include: 

  • Configurability: Designed to fit each sponsors’ needs and trial design, the entirety of the dashboard can be altered through configuration, from the navigation pane to the data visualization, and allows sponsors to zero-in on specific data views that have significance for each unique study. 
  • Broad measure of dosing support: The new dashboards simplify the definition of adherence to include all reported doses – including those taken with the AiCure’s Patient Connect, self-reported doses and site-reported doses – resulting in a single, all-encompassing score for each site. AiCure Data Intelligence also flags intentional non-adherence so sites can identify and weed out those with malicious intent in a timely matter before they interfere with trial data. 
  • Real-time patient visibility: Dashboards display real-time dosing data and patient symptom reports, including data leveraging digital biomarkers. This helps to build behavioral trends to offer a data-driven, comprehensive understanding of a drug’s impact.
  • Interventions: Dashboards illustrate the effectiveness of a variety of intervention styles, such as phone, text, in-person, AiCure site communications and more, and how successful they were in improving adherence and patient compliance. 
  • Predictive analytics: By providing a backbone of comprehensive data in a single integrated view, the dashboards enable the application of predictive analytics to not only predict medication adherence among patients with high accuracy and inform clinical interventions, but also improve site management by predicting site performance so sponsors can focus on those underperforming and allocate resources accordingly.

“While there is an unquantifiable amount of data available in the pharmaceutical industry, there are blind spots and incomplete data around seemingly basic questions – how are patients taking their medication, and how did they respond?” said Ed Ikeguchi, CEO of AiCure. “For the past decade, pharmaceutical companies have trusted us to engage with patients via their smartphones to track medication adherence and behavior. Empowering sponsors with meaningful views of our robust data and providing insights around what obstacles patients face and what interventions work can further validate the impact of a drug and shorten trial timelines. We know there is no one-size-fits-all way to visualize data –AiCure Data Intelligence aims to help sponsors create the trial they want.”

AiCure Joins Sponsors in Upcoming Webinars

Learn more about AiCure Data Intelligence and the power of predictive analytics in clinical trials in two upcoming webinar presentations: 

Title: Administering a Digital Solution: Leveraging Predictive Analytics to Enhance Trial Efficiency
About: In partnership with Marcus Evans Online Events, join a panel of experts who will share thought-provoking insights on predictive analytical tools that can augment the trial process and deepen understanding of patient trends and behaviors. 
When: Thursday, December 10th, 2020, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm ET
Who: Kyle Holen, MD, Head of Development Design Center, AbbVie; Alexandria Wise-Rankovic, PhD, Senior Vice President, Clinical Development, Syneos Health; Rich Christie, MD PhD, Chief Development Officer, AiCure.
Link: Register here.

Title: Insight beyond adherence: Unleashing the Operational Value of Real-Time Dosing and Patient Behavior Data
About: Join to learn how to gain real-time visibility into participant behavior, leveraging operational dosing data, enabling sites and sponsors to be proactive, rather than reactive, during trial conduct.
When: Thursday, December 17, 2020 12:00 – 12:30 PM ET
Who: Sarah Titus, Associate Director, Clinical Operations and Development, Sage Therapeutics; Amanda Paley, Senior Director, Clinical Development Strategy, AiCure
Link: Register here.

About AiCure

AiCure is an AI and advanced data analytics company that monitors patient behavior and enables remote patient engagement in clinical trials. AiCure improves predictability of study timelines, reduces costs and accelerates timelines through remote patient engagement and assessments, including measuring digital biomarkers and real-time monitoring of patient dosing. Founded in 2010 and funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and leading institutional investors, AiCure has more than 65 issued patents and works with global clients in over 30 countries. AiCure is globally recognized and is a recipient of the Scrip Award, AI 100 and Digital Health 150. For more information, please visit   

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Siobhan Nguyen 

1. Getz, Ken. Has the Study Coordinator Landscape Reached a Tipping Point? Forte Research.