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Digital biomarkers hold great promise to consistently and objectively quantify a patient’s disease state and response to treatment. Despite this potential, the proprietary nature of many digital biomarker algorithms renders them inaccessible to the scientific community, hindering their validation and improvement.

OpenDBM is an open-source platform that breaks down these barriers and democratizes access to AiCure’s digital biomarker algorithms so researchers can apply them to their own datasets. This transparency encourages industry and academic collaboration, helping to validate digital biomarkers as a legitimate means to understanding disease and patient behavior.

Gain Access to Unique Patient Insights

AiCure’s digital biomarker algorithms analyze patient video and audio data to pinpoint critical, subtle disease characteristics and behavioral trends.

  • Track a variety of metrics simultaneously, including facial expressivity, voice, speech, and movement (e.g., eye twitches or facial tremors), with minimal incremental patient burden
  • Identify subtle symptoms that can be difficult to pinpoint in clinical settings to understand disease progression and the impact of treatment
  • Flexibility to import one’s own data sets in a secure fashion, allowing researchers to work on their own data locally within their institutional firewalls

Inspire Scientific Scrutiny and Collaboration

Through OpenDBM, researchers can further validate the efficacy and integrity of digital biomarkers in understanding patient response, drug dosing side effects, disease variations, and more.

  • Deepen cross-industry and academic collaboration to encourage unrestricted comments on the reliability of these methods, collectively advancing their wider adoption in patient care and clinical research
  • The expansion and validation of these emerging approaches to measuring disease could revolutionize the detection of symptoms and how researchers draw conclusions about a drug’s impact

Developers, Software Engineers & Data Scientists Welcome

OpenDBM has various opportunities for code contribution, such as enhancing our:

In addition, we have several opportunities for technical documentation and data science contribution. We welcome all contribution that adheres to our code of conduct. For more information, check out the resource page.

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