The Promise of Telepsychiatry: Implications for Clinical Research in a Post-COVID Era

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Telepsychiatry has always offered a tantalizing solution to the significant undertreatment of mental illness. With COVID-19, widespread stay-at-home measures and reduced offerings for face-to-face mental health services has skyrocketed the demand for in-home care and accelerated the promise of telepsychiatry.

Innovative decentralized or virtual trials are taking telepsychiatry in mental health research to the next level—that is, bringing it to the patient’s home.

During this interactive discussion, panelists will highlight the patient journey for a fully decentralized major depressive disorder (MDD) trial, including methodology for centralized raters, real-time patient dosage monitoring, and patient behavior insights from measured digital biomarkers to evaluate depression. We will also share insights for effective recruitment of a diverse patient population using a digital approach to attract and then engage participants.

The decentralized or virtual research model has become the standard in the current climate and this shift is helping to unlock the promise of telepsychiatry.